Fresh Bread Guide


Keep Your Bread Fresh

Useful Tips, No Preservatives


If you have purchased a loaf that is still warm, allow it to cool entirely. You should never put bread in a plastic bag until it has thoroughly cooled. Placing warm bread in a plastic bag will cause condensation to form which could result in a soggy, spoiled loaf od bread.


Although we don't recommend refrigerating your bread, it will keep several weeks in your refrigerator. We recommend keeping it bagged and stored at room temperature. If you don't think you will finish the loaf in 5-7 days, place the balance of the loaf in the freezer.


Your bread should freeze wonderfully since it contains no added fats or oils. We recommend wrapping the bread tightly in foil and returning it to its original plastic bag for freezing. Use any method for warning the bread, except the microwave. We think toaster ovens are the best for slices.